Thursday, May 9, 2013

Russell Crowe Explodes MAN OF STEEL Krypton Rumor

Okay, comics fans...Back away from your keyboard and cell phones, nice and easy now...

Some of you have been freaking out a bit online over recent rumors that Superman's home planet of Krypton isn't destroyed in the upcoming Zack Snyder film Man of Steel, which potentially ruins a key element of Superman's origin as the last survivor of a doomed planet whose entire culture has been lost.  Kal-El is launched into outer space as a baby, supposedly because he’s special and considered dangerous by other Kryptonians.  The rumors also claimed that Kal-El is the only Kryptonian who wasn't genetically engineered to be a soldier or scientist, and instead was just born naturally, which makes him an abomination on Krypton.  In additional, there was possibly a Kryptonian civil war and when the film's villain General Zod comes to Earth, part of his plan is to bring Kal-El back to Krypton.

However, according to actor Russell Crowe, Krypton is apparently destroyed in the film as Rao intended.  In a recent post on his Twitter account, Crowe made the following statement:

That's right, "as my planet dies."  And hey, if you can't trust Superman's natural father Jor-El on the subject of Krypton's destruction, who can you trust?

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  1. i think what happens is that zod is sent to the zone before the explosion. so when he arrives to earth he still thinks krypton is alive trying to bring kalel back or perhaps try to kill him