Thursday, October 18, 2012

JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Targets 2015 After Superman Legal Victory

2015 is shaping up to be the biggest superhero movie summer EVER.

In addition to Marvel Studios' The Avengers 2, Warner Bros. is moving forward with their plans for a big-screen version of DC Comics' flagship superteam, the Justice LeagueThe Los Angeles Times reported earlier today that the studio's legal victory yesterday against the heirs of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster hoping to terminate a previous 1992 agreement allows Warner Bros. to speed up development on Justice League.

The studio intends on shooting the film next year for the summer of 2015 and already has a script by Will Beall.  The next steps will be to find a director and cast the lead roles that may or may not include Man of Steel star Henry Cavill reprising Superman.

If Warner Bros. had lost the decision against Shuster's heirs, they wouldn't have been able to use key elements of the Superman mythos, including his super-strength and speed, secret identity as Clark Kent and love interest Lois Lane, without making a costly new agreement with the estates of Shuster and co-creator Jerry Siegel.  The decision also allows Warner Bros. to produce sequels to Man of Steel, should the box office be successful enough to justify them.

Warner Bros. motion pictures group president Jeff Robinov has wanted to make Justice League the focus of the studio's superhero film strategy to compete with Marvel.  According to the Times article, the plan is "to spin out other superheroes into their own movies" after Justice League, basically the reverse of what Marvel did by releasing films based on Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America that built up to this summer's The Avengers.

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