Thursday, August 16, 2018

IRON FIST Season 2 Trailer Teases Danny's Mask & The Steel Serpent

The Living Weapon vs. The Steel Serpent, Round Two.

Netflix has released the first full trailer for the second season of Iron Fist, based on the Marvel Comics character.  The two minute, fifteen second trailer teases the long-awaited arrival of Iron Fist's traditional yellow mask and the return of Davos, the villainous Steel Serpent.

The trailer opens in New York City, with Iron Fist/Danny Rand (Finn Jones) taking over as the city's guardian following the presumed death of Daredevil in the final episode of The Defenders crossover miniseries"You have not been home for days," says Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) in a voiceover as we see Danny in a hoodie and a mask covering his lower face taking on several armed criminals.  "You barely sleep when you are home.  How many times a night you light that fist up?"

In a separate scene, we see Colleen and Danny talking.  "I see how much you're pushing yourself," she tells him.

"Just trying to keep the peace," replies Danny.

In another exchange, Danny tells someone, possibly Colleen, "What am I supposed to do?  I didn't ask for the Iron Fist."

"I'm fighting for what I believe in, whatever the cost," Colleen remarks to Danny before we see her fighting an unknown woman.  "What are you fighting for?"

"I'm trying to do what's right," replies Danny.

We cut to another scene, where Danny meets Davos (Sacha Dhawan) at night.  "I didn't expect to see you here, brother," says Davos.  "We have family matters to discuss."

A different scene has Colleen telling Danny, "You and Davos, you will train together."  We see a sequence in a temple, where Danny and Davos are facing off against one another and wearing yellow Iron Fist masks.

"I fought my brother," Danny says in a voiceover.  "There is no changing what happened."

Davos tells Danny, "You feel that you can just walk through this world as if it belongs to you.  The Iron Fist...It's not a weapon to be held, it's a weapon to be used."  We see Davos training several disciples as Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup) watches, followed by Danny and a hooded woman finding the decayed corpse of another Iron Fist.  We then see the hooded woman attacking Danny in the subway.

"Now you'll give me what's mine, brother," Davos tells Danny.  "You...will suffer."

As we Davos and Danny fighting in a separate scene, Colleen remarks to Danny, "The Iron Fist...that was one of them."

Davos is shown having a glowing red Iron Fist of his own, which he uses to punch through a brick wall.

"We can stop him," Danny responds to Colleen, "but I need help."

Enter Misty Knight (Simone Missick), now rocking a bionic arm after the events in Luke Cage Season 2.  "You're not alone," Misty tells Colleen as we see Misty and Danny sparring, "but you can't save everyone."

"I can't just sit here and do nothing," Danny says in a voiceover as we see him and Davos fighting once again.

"I have become the thing you never had the strength to be," a bloodied Davos tells Danny, who lies on the ground before him.

"History doesn't decide what happens next," Colleen remarks in a voiceover as we see the masked Danny use his Iron Fist on an armored car, totaling it.  "We do."

In the trailer's final scene, we see Danny and Colleen having dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  "We should do this more often," Danny remarks as we see fleeting images of both of them fighting bad guys.  "Dinner out, a movie.  Date night."

"Mm-hmm," replies Colleen as she sips her coffee.

If you'd like to check out the trailer, you can view it below thanks to the official Netflix account on YouTube...

Iron Fist returns to Netflix for Season 2 on September 7th.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Casts Ethan Peck as Spock

May he live long and prosper.

Deadline is reporting that the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery has cast Ethan Peck as legendary character Spock.  Peck will be the third actor to portray the character as an adult, after Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.

Spock's appearance on the series was teased last month in the first trailer for the show's second season.  In the trailer, Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) talks with Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green).  "We have someone in common," he tells her.

"My foster brother," replies Burnham as we see a blue Science uniform similar to Pike's.  "Mr. Spock."

"He took leave," says Pike.  "It's as if he'd run into a question he couldn't answer."

Later, Burnham tells Commander Saru, "Spock is linked to these signals...and he needs help."

Peck, 32, is the grandson of legendary actor Gregory Peck and has appeared in the films The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, Eden, Nothing to Fear, In Time, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Passport to Paris.  He's also appeared in episodes of the TV series Madam Secretary, Gossip Girl, 10 Things I Hate About You, That '70s Show, and The Drew Carey Show.

Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman said, "Through 52 years of television and film, a parallel universe and a mirror universe, Mr. Spock remains the only member of the original bridge crew to span every era of Star Trek.  The great Leonard Nimoy, then the brilliant Zachary Quinto, brought incomparable humanity to a character forever torn between logic and emotion.  We searched for months for an actor who would, like them, bring his own interpretation to the role.  An actor who would, like them, effortlessly embody Spock’s greatest qualities, beyond obvious logic: empathy, intuition, compassion, confusion, and yearning."

Kurtzman added, "Ethan Peck walked into the room inhabiting all of these qualities, aware of his daunting responsibility to Leonard, Zack, and the fans, and ready to confront the challenge in the service of protecting and expanding on Spock’s legacy.  In that spirit, we’re thrilled to welcome him to the family."

Created in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry, Spock first appeared in the original Star Trek pilot episode "The Cage."  Born to the Vulcan Sarek and the human Amanda Grayson, Spock had a troubled childhood due to his mixed heritage.  On his homeworld, he was repeatedly bullied and tormented by full-blooded Vulcan children, who wished to incite the emotions of his human nature.  For a time, he grew up alongside his older half-brother Sybok, until the older brother was cast out for rejecting logic.  After Sarek and Amanda fostered a human child, Michael Burnham, Spock was betrothed to T'Pring, in accordance with traditional Vulcan marriage procedure.

After Burnham's graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy, Sarek was forced to choose between Burnham and Spock on who should join a Vulcan Expeditionary Group.  Sarek chose Spock over Burnham, but he came to regret this decision, because Spock joined Starfleet instead.  Sarek had given Spock his first lessons in computers and had set him on a path of science, so Spock's preference to pursue a scientific career in Starfleet caused a rift between him and his father that kept them from speaking to each other for eighteen years.

Spock was commissioned as a Starfleet officer in 2250 assigned to the USS Enterprise four years later.  As a science officer under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, Spock was wounded in the leg when Pike's landing party was attacked on Rigel VII in 2254.  As the ship proceeded to the Vega colony for medical care, a radio wave distress call forced Pike to divert the ship to Talos IV.  Still limping, Spock joined a landing party that transported to the barren surface of the planet, where Talosians captured Pike.  He was the first of the ship's crew to realize that the Talosians had powerful illusory abilities.  Spock's final report, along with Pike's, recommended a ban on visitation to the planet.  After Pike's promotion to fleet captain, James T. Kirk assumed command of the Enterprise in 2265, with Spock as his First Officer until the completion of the Enterprise's five-year mission of exploration.

Star Trek: Discovery returns to CBS All Access for Season 2 in Early 2019.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

THE FANDOM ZONE 149: "Colony Collapse" is Up!

"You are Tyrone freakin' Johnson!  Baller, lady killer, master of space…if not time.  You don’t need a cloak for all that."
-- Tandy "Dagger" Bowen to Tyrone "Cloak" Johnson, Cloak & Dagger: "Colony Collapse" 

You guessed it, Karen and I are back with a new episode of The Fandom Zone Podcast!  This week's reviews of comics on television include:

Preacher 3x06: "Les Enfants du Sang"
Cloak & Dagger 1x10: "Colony Collapse"  (Season Finale)
Luke Cage 2x07: "On and On"
Wynonna Earp 3x03: "Colder Weather"

In this episode, Karen and I talk about things like Karen's Wonder Woman Pez dispenser, my copy of Hellblazer (vol.2) #24, why it's okay to be optimistic for the new Supergirl movie, Terry Jones' really fat guy in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, ranking the Monty Python films, Eccarius and the Children of Blood, Cassidy being freaked out by Eccarius' vampire powers, Jesse and Tulip's soul heist, gross saliva security devices, T.C.'s petting zoo distraction, Karen being surprised by Herr Starr's head looking like a penis, Herr Starr's awkward dinner with Allfather D'Aronique, Brigid O'Reilly becoming Mayhem, the history of the Divine Pairings, Cloak & Dagger's shoutout to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, finally getting a taste of Tyrone & Tandy as Cloak & Dagger, Chocolate Frosted Shredded Cloaks, getting a piranha tank for a guy nicknamed Piranha, Shades taking his best friend Comanche off the board, Luke and Misty both thinking the other is their sidekick, Phil Hartman's drawn-on mustache, Waverly being upset that Officer Haught wants to be eaten by vultures after she dies, what happens to us after we die, Dolls' mini-casket, new feedback from Justina, my special shoutout to Justina, my jumbo nasal polyps, Karen's WarCraft role-playing blog post, Patrick Stewart returning to Star Trek, our upcoming 150th episode, and more!

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Be sure to come back next week for our big 150th episode, as Karen and I are joined by my Next Stop Everywhere and TitanTalk co-host Jesse Jackson!  We'll review new episodes of Syfy's Wynonna Earp, AMC's Preacher, and Netflix's Luke Cageright here on The Fandom Zone Podcast!

Friday, August 10, 2018

THE FLASH Casts Kiana Madeira as Spin

The Flash is about to enter the Spin zone.

Deadline has word that the CW series The Flash has cast Kiana Madeira as Spencer Young, a new version of DC Comics supervillain Spin.  The character was originally male in the comics, but producers reportedly decided to change it to a recurring female role for the TV series.

According to the article, Spin will be introduced in the fourth episode of the show's upcoming Season 5, and is described as "a young aspiring social media influencer who seizes the opportunity to make herself famous when she discovers there is a new hero in Central City."

Madeira is a Canadian actress probably best known as Poppy on the Syfy series Wynonna Earp and as Lyra on the Syfy series Dark Matter.  In addition, she's appeared on episodes of Taken, Sacred Lies, Barbelle, The Other Kingdom, Really Me, and My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Created in 2008 by Tom Peyer and Freddie E. Williams II, Spin first appeared in The Flash (vol.2) #238 as a man known only as Mr. Auerbach, the son of a media mogul whose holdings included the cable news network KN News.  He pursued a career in journalism, hoping to work his way up in his father's company. While working on a story, he met Edwar Martinez, who was capable of sensing the fears in others and making them a reality.  Auerbach eventually was put in charge of KN News, where he had a hand in determining much of the content that the network covered.

He also led a double life as the villain Spin.  He kept Edwar captive in the basement of the news building, hooking him up to machines and forcing him to watch news coverage.  In this setting, Spin was able to channel and direct Edwar's amazing ability.  His first caper was a robbery of a Fabergé egg from a local auction.  He created a distraction by summoning earthquakes, which had been in the public's mind due to a recent quake in Hub City.  He took advantage of a comment made on television by the third Flash, Wally West, expressing his financial woes.  After the citizens of Keystone City started to feel some doubt about their local hero, Spin lured him to the Keystone City Salamanders stadium and forced him to steal many valuables from the fans there.  This caused a massive public outcry against the Flash, which Spin enhanced with his powers, even turning the original Flash, Jay Garrick, against his successor.

When Spin and Edwar realized that the third Flash had identified the source of the disturbances as emanating from KN News, he used his abilities to summon Gorilla Grodd, the Rogue which Edwar sensed would make the speedster most anxious, to Keystone.  Grodd, however, was not pleased with his sudden teleportation, and a massive battle ensued.  In the chaos, Edwar was released from his machinery and his powers went completely out of control, causing citizens to act out nearly every situation being mentioned in the media.  Spin was no match for Grodd’s more powerful mind and was quickly defeated.  Afterwards, Edwar died from the physical shock of the battle.  His last moments were surrounded by the Flash’s compassion, which he used to calm Keystone’s population.

The Flash returns to The CW for Season 5 on October 9, 2018.  Spin's first appearance should be on November 6th.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

DOOM PATROL Casts Joivan Wade as Cyborg

Booyah!  We have a new Cyborg!

Deadline has word that the upcoming DC Universe series Doom Patrol has cast Joivan Wade as Victor Stone, better known to DC Comics fans as the superhero Cyborg.  

According to the article, Vic is described as "the charming and sarcastic half-human, half-machine superhero known as Cyborg.  Vic may be connected to every computer on the world, but he struggles to maintain the connections that make him human.  Desperate to gain acceptance from the outside world, Vic harnesses the curse of his cybernetic body and uses his powers as the ultimate hero for the digital age."

Doom Patrol is a spinoff from the DC Universe series Titans and is a reimagining of one of DC’s strangest group of outcasts: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero).  Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder, they’re called into action by the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg.  Banding together, these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC universe.

Wade is an English actor best known as Rigsy in the Doctor Who episodes "Flatline" and "Face the Raven."  He's recently appeared in the films The First Purge and The Weekend, and has appeared in episodes of EastEnders, Youngers, and Casualty.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez in 1980's DC Comics Presents #26, Cyborg is Victor Stone, the son of Silas Stone and Elinore Stone, scientists who used him as a test subject for various intelligence enhancement projects.  While these treatments are ultimately successful and Victor's IQ subsequently grows to genius levels, he grew to resent his treatment.  He formed a friendship with Ron Evers, a young miscreant who led him into trouble with the law.  This was the beginning of a struggle in which Victor strove for independence, engaging in pursuits of which his parents disapproved, such as athletics and abandoning his studies.  

One day, Victor was gravely injured during an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs, where Silas worked, that also claimed the life of Elinore.  Silas did everything he could to save Victor's life by grafting robotic prosthetics to replace his missing body parts, turning him into a cybernetic organism.  He soon became as a member of the superhero group known as The New Teen Titans. 

In 2011, DC Comics rebooted its fictional universe with the relaunch known as "The New 52" and Justice League writer Geoff Johns gave Cyborg a new origin.  In this version, Victor Stone was a high school football star who was heavily sought after by a number of college scouts, but apparently had a distant relationship with his father, Silas.  After winning a big game, Victor was shown calling his father and angrily telling him that he broke his promise and missed yet another one of his son's games.  Later, Victor appeared at S.T.A.R. Labs where his father works.  The scientists appeared to be working on a Mother Box that Superman came in contact with from a Parademon.  

Victor engaged in another argument with his father and told him that the scouts were there to give him full scholarships to college.  The Mother Box suddenly exploded, killing the other scientists and destroying most of Victor's body while Victor's father looked on in horror.  Silas did everything he could for Victor's survival.  Along with Sarah Charles and T. O. Morrow, he went into "The Red Room" in S.T.A.R. Labs, which contains every piece of technology from around the world.  Silas attempted to treat Victor with something that had never been attempted before and was seen injecting Victor with some type of nanites.  Dr. Morrow placed the robotic pieces on Victor (including such devices as a Promethean skin graft, Doctor William Magnus' responsometer, Anthony Ivo's A-maze operating system, the classified and prototypical B-maze operating system, and Ryan Choi's White Dwarf Stabilizer).  Victor's life was saved and the energies from the Mother Box were incorporated into his new form as Cyborg.  This allowed Victor to access the vast New Gods data library and discover Darkseid's invasion plans.  Using this information, Cyborg soon became a member of the Justice League and assisted them with defeating Darkseid.

Wade will be the third actor to portray the character in live-action, after Ray Fisher in the movie Justice League and Lee Thompson Young appeared in several episodes of the CW television series Smallville.  Other actors, including Ernie Hudson, Khary Payton, Bumper Robinson, Michael B. Jordan and Shemar Moore, have voiced the character for various DC Universe animated projects.

Doom Patrol is expected to debut on DC Universe sometime in 2019.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 115: "Robot" is Up!

"Doctor, you -- you're being childish!"
"Well, of course I am!  There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes."
-- Sarah Jane Smith and The Fourth Doctor, Doctor Who: "Robot"

Celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the award-winning Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast, my partner in time Jesse Jackson and I have returned with a new episode! This time, we review "Robot", the first serial of Doctor Who Season 12 in 1974featuring Tom Baker's first episode as the Fourth Doctor, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier, and the debut of Ian Marter as new companion Harry Sullivan!

In this episode, Jesse and I discuss things like my recovering from nasal surgery, Jesse seeing Queen cover band Killer Queen, Tom Baker being completely different from Jon Pertwee, the two Osgoods, Tom Baker being the original Madman in a Box, typical English weather, my watching the Tom Baker run after Peter Davison's run, loving post-regeneration episodes, David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" video, the Brigadier finally seeing the Doctor regenerate with his own eyes, more love for Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Sarah Jane being called out for having a chauvinist attitude, the introduction of Harry Sullivan, Sarah Jane being the Lois Lane of the Doctor Who universe, the Brigadier always being fun to watch, Think Tank's attitude that humanity should follow scientists because they're smarter, Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, the K1 Robot being a King Kong metaphor, Professor Kettlewell as a surprise bad guy, my recommendation for the new Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray set, the Fourth Doctor using jelly babies to distract people, my Reverse the Reverse the Polarity segment, new listener feedback from Paul from Australia and Holly from Wisconsin, thoughts on the new Series Eleven trailer, why there's nothing wrong with feeling hopeful about the Jodie Whittaker era, teasing our upcoming show plans, and more!

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Be sure to come back in two weeks as Jesse and I go back into the TARDIS and review "The Twin Dilemma", the seventh serial of Doctor Who Season 21 in 1984, featuring Colin Baker's first episode as the Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown!  Look for more of Next Stop Everywhere on iTunes, Google Play Music, YouTube, Libsyn, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and the official Southgate Media Group website!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The CW Arrowverse Casts Ruby Rose as Batwoman

Gotham City has a new dark knight.

The Hollywood Reporter has word that The CW's Arrowverse has cast Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, better known to DC Comics fans as the superhero Batwoman.  The character will make her debut as part of the annual DC Arrowverse crossover.

According to the article, Kate is described as "armed with a passion for social justice and flair for speaking her mind, soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city's criminal resurgence.  But don't call her a hero yet — in a city desperate for a savior, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham's symbol of hope."

The proposed Batwoman series is in development, with Caroline Dries of The Vampire Diaires writing the script.  Should Batwoman be picked up as a series, it will likely debut at midseason.  Reportedly, the CW isn't planning to use the Arrowverse crossover as a backdoor pilot for Batwoman, but instead film a full-length pilot as it did with The Flash.

Rose, 32, is an Australian model, DJ, recording artist, actress, television presenter, and former MTV VJ.  She came out as a lesbian at age 12, and has identified herself as genderfluid.  In 2015, she wrote, produced, and starred in the short film Break Free, a tribute to gender fluidity, which became a viral hit, garnering more than 25 million views on YouTube.  In addition, she's appeared in the films John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick 3: Parabellum as the assassin Ares, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage as Adele Wolff, The Meg, Pitch Perfect 3, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.  Also, she has appeared on episodes of Orange is the New Black as Stella Carlin, Dark Matter, and Mr & Mrs Murder.

Created in 1956 by Edmond Hamilton and Sheldon Moldoff, Batwoman first appeared in Detective Comics (vol.1) #233 as Kathy Kane, a wealthy heiress who gained great acrobatic skills during her career as a circus trapeze artist and stunt cyclist.  Becoming infatuated with the Batman, she fashioned herself a costume and secret hideout and started operating as Batwoman.  She upstaged Batman and his sidekick Robin in capturing crooks, but Batman eventually learned her true identity and tracked her to her secret cave hideout.  Showing her how easily it was for him to learn her identity, Batman pointed out that criminals could probably do it just as easily and tried to convince her to drop out of crime fighting.  Disobeying Batman's advice, she tried to capture mobster Curt Briggs.  During this caper, Batman went missing and Briggs, struck with amnesia, left thinking he was Batman. Ultimately the real Batman reappeared, and Biggs was turned over to the police.

Batwoman came out of retirement to aid Batgirl against Killer Moth and the Cavalier, but her return was never intended to be permanent.  Kathy Kane was then present at a surprise party for Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor.  When Batwoman was later disintegrated into nothingness on Barbara Gordon's doorstep, Batgirl and Robin teamed-up to find the cure and restore Batwoman to her normal form.  Shortly after this, Batwoman met the Huntress from Earth-Two and aided her and Batwoman in capturing Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Madame Zodiac.  When the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X searched for a group of criminals known as the Warmakers, their search led them to the carnival owned by Kathy Kane. Kathy, as Batwoman, aided the Freedom Fighters and Batgirl in defeating the Warmakers.  In her last recorded adventure, Kathy Kane was murdered by the League of Assassins, who were being manipulated by Ra's al Ghul.  Her death was eventually avenged by Batman.

In 2006, the character was reinvented by Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, and Keith Giffen, making her debut in 52 #7 as Kate Kane.  In their early childhood, Katherine Rebecca "Kate" Kane and her sister Elizabeth "Beth" Kane were identical twins and were very close to each other.  On their twelfth birthday their military father couldn't come home so Kate and Beth were taken by their mother, Gabrielle "Gabi" Kane, to an expensive restaurant for chocolate and waffles, their favorite dish.  On the way to the restaurant, a group of gunmen attacked the family and took them hostage, killing their bodyguard in the process.  After learning of her family's kidnapping, Kate's father, Colonel Jacob "Jake" Kane, led a rescue mission to save his captured family, which ended with Kate's mother executed and Beth apparently killed after being caught in the crossfire between the kidnappers and soldiers.

Years later, Kate attended the United States Military Academy, West Point, where she received excellent grades and ranked at the top of her class.  However, when it was alleged that she was in a lesbian relationship with another student, Kate's commanding officer asked her to disavow the allegation.  Telling the officer that she refused to lie and violate the code of the Academy, Kate admitted to being lesbian and was forced to leave the school.  When she confronted her father with the news, he supported her and affirmed that she upheld her honor and integrity.  She then moved back to Gotham City, where she attended college and pursued a wild social lifestyle, consisting of parties and tattoos.  Kate was eventually pulled over for speeding by a young Renee Montoya, who was just a traffic cop at this point.  The two dated for several months but broke up following a fight where Kate berated Renee for keeping her sexuality hidden from her colleagues and family.  While attempting to call Renee and apologize for her behavior, Kate was attacked by a mugger who wanted her wallet and cell phone.  Using her military training, Kate easily defeated the criminal just as Batman arrived and helped her off the ground.  She was fixated by the Bat Signal as Batman departed the scene.

Inspired by her encounter with Batman, Kate began fighting crime using military body armor and weaponry stolen from her father's military base.  After being confronted by Jake, Kate accepted his offer for assistance and began an intense two years of training across the globe with her father's military friends.  Upon returning to Gotham, Kate discovered that her father has created a Batsuit for her, along with an arsenal of experimental weaponry based on Batman's known gadgetry and a bunker hidden in the Kane home.  She soon adopted the identity of Batwoman and was soon accepted as a member of the Batman family.

This will be the first time Batwoman will appear in live action, although the character has appeared in various animated projects including Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (voiced by Kyra Sedgwick), Batman: The Brave and the Bold (voiced by Vanessa Marshall), and Batman: Bad Blood (voiced by Yvonne Strahovski).